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“Every time we ask a question, we’re generating a possible version of a life”
David Epston

Cyprus Brief Systemic Dialogical Therapy


The Brief Systemic Dialogical Therapy model is the result of a longstanding process of personal study, research and clinical interventions with individuals, couples, families and larger groups. It is a living and continually evolving approach which combines the most recent ideas in the field of psychotherapy in a creative and original way. The foundational philosophy of the model is based on ideas influenced by social constructionism and on the principle of the transformative power of language and dialogic conversation.

The BSDT – Brief Systemic Dialogical Therapy model is an integrative approach to therapy which is being promoted through the training courses organized by the BSDT Institute.

The model integrates ideas within the field of Systemic, Brief Solution oriented and Collaborative theories and practices.

This approach helps to look at people’s problems from a different vantage point and effectively resolve them, away from quick-fix and formulaic techniques. It offers an exciting learning experience that inspires and motivates because it relies on the interests, strengths, experiences and abilities of its students.


It is supported by international institutes and experts who have marked the development of new ideas, concepts and practices in psychotherapy through their work and writings

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10th Conference of the European Family Therapy Association

Participation of Dina Mousteri to the 10th Conference of the European Family Therapy Association EFTA-SIPPR – 11th to 14th of September 2019 https://www.efta2019naples.org/registration ‘’THE ENHANCEMENT OF PERSONAL AGENCY IN THE CONTEXT OF THE TRAINING PROGRAM IN BRIEF SYSTEMIC DIALOGICAL THERAPY (BSDT)’’

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