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A challenging Training Opportunity from Dina Mousteri

Dear friend,


This is a unique opportunity to register for the two year training program offered by the
Cyprus Brief Systemic Dialogical Therapy Institute, scheduled to begin September 2018.

You can determine whether the Brief Systemic Dialogue Therapy training is suitable for you by answering “YES“ to the following questions

  • Do you believe knowledge to be an essential condition for personal growth instead of just a means for earning money?
  • Do you love to discover truths through your own experiences and not simply copy theories and techniques created by others?
  • Do you want to be able to reach the essence of people’s specific problems while simultaneously helping solve them quickly and efficiently?

  • Are you interested to learn how to use the method of Dialogue in depth?
  • Would you like to be inspired and empowered to become the person and professional you would like to be?
  • Do you believe that, who we are and how we act, affects not only ourselves and those close to us, but also the whole world, and we can make a difference with our personal choices?

  • Are you ready to commit yourself to a learning process which is based on solid scientific foundations and is combined with a philosophy that serves above all the ethical aspects of personal growth and relationships?
  • Are you ready to commit yourself to a learning process which helps you to apply therapeutic collaborative dialogue with people of all ages, individuals, couples and families, including those with serious problems?

What is the two year Training in Brief Systemic Dialogical Therapy?

The Brief Systemic Dialogical Therapy model is the result of a longstanding process of personal study, research and clinical interventions with individuals, couples, families and larger groups. It is a living and continually evolving approach which combines the most recent ideas in the field of psychotherapy in a creative and original way. It is supported by international institutes and experts who have marked the development of new ideas, concepts and practices in psychotherapy through their work and writings.

The two-year BSDT course combines theory with practical training through collaborative learning and group reflective dialogue. This approach helps to look at people’s problems from a different vantage point and effectively resolve them, away from quick-fix and formulaic techniques. It offers an exciting learning experience that inspires and motivates because it relies on the interests, strengths, experiences and abilities of its students.

Practical Benefits of the Program:

The completion of the 2-year program in Brief Systemic Dialogue Therapy offers:

  • The Advanced Certificate in Brief Systemic Dialogue Therapy of a total of 504 hours.
  • The opportunity to register as a full member of the BSDT Institute and become a part of the BSDT therapist community- which carries with it significant advantages, e.g.continuation of training in the BSDT model through short term courses and support for further personal and professional development according to the particular needs of trainees, such as continuation of formal studies in systemic psychotherapy, or application for the International Certificate in Collaborative Practices (ICCP), professional supervision, research, writing or educational activity etc.
  • The possibility to practice as a BSDT therapist under the terms and conditions of the BSDT Institute.
  • Empowerment through participation in a professional group where support is offered, in the context of which all can be inspired, share knowledge and ideas.
  • Provides support from key persons who are international trainers and supervisors working with the Institute, such as: Harlene Anderson, Rocio Chaveste, Paolo Bertrando, Renos Papadopoulos – experts in Systemic and Dialogical Approaches.

The main language of the course is Greek but a good knowledge of English is also necessary.

Past Programs

October 22, 2016 – January 28, 2017

New Training Program in Brief Systemic Dialogical Therapy

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March 19, 2016 – June 11, 2016

New Training Program in Collaborative Counseling and Brief Dialogical Therapy

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Weekend Seminar February 20-21, 2016


The Cyprus BSDT Institute announces a 2-day Seminar: “Collaborative Dialogic Practices: Concepts & Applications” by Dr. Rocio Chaveste, from Kanankil Institute, on the weekend of February 20&21, 2016, at the Classic Hotel, Nicosia.
Dr. Rocio Chaveste is the Co-Founder and Director of the Kanankil Institute, Merida, Mexico, a Professor in private and public universities, and Clinical Supervisor of post graduate degrees in Psychotherapy and Addictions (;
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October 31st & November 1st, 2015

Collaborative-Dialogic Practices across Multiple Contexts and Cultures: Creating Transforming Relationships and Conversations by Harlene Anderson

Harlene Anderson is recognized internationally as being at the leading edge of postmodern collaborative practices, providing an environment that encourages successful problem-solving, increased competence and confidence and successful sustainable outcomes. First developed for use with families and mental health systems, her approach has proven effective with a variety of individuals and groups in various contexts including: daily life, organizations, businesses, higher education, and research.

As a creative thinker, author, therapist, consultant, coach and educator, she takes her tools worldwide–her insights, her curiosity, her engaging conversational style, her leadership skills, her clarity and her keen interest–to help others create new and often surprising possibilities and astonishing results for their clients, students, organizations and themselves. She embodies her own belief in learning as a lifelong process–inviting, encouraging and challenging people to be inquisitive, creative, authentic and open to the ever-present possibilities for newness in others–and in themselves.

July 7th -8th, 2015

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April 2015 – June 2015

3-Month Intensive Training in Collaborative Counseling and Dialogical Therapy

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October 2014 – January 2015

4-Month Intensive Training in Collaborative Counseling and Dialogical Therapy

The Cyprus BSDT Institute’s Certificate program in “Collaborative Counseling and Brief Dialogical Therapy” is now running! We are excited to report that participants are thrilled with the training’s theme and material already, and all is going smoothly! Expected to conclude Certificate in January 2015.

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