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Dina Mousteri

Cyprus BSDT Institute Founder & Director, Institute Trainer


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Tel: 99 896096
Email: info@bsdt.com.cy

Dina Mousteri is a Clinical Psychologist (DESS University of Lyon), Clinical Supervisor and Systemic Psychotherapist, Professor and Supervisor in Collaborative-Dialogic Practices.

1979 - 2003

She worked in the Cyprus Mental Health Services (MHS) as a Clinical Psychologist between 1979 and 2012.

She began to practice psychotherapy under supervision in 1979 in addition to her regular duties as a clinical psychologist. In 1982 she started her training in family therapy and began working with individuals, families and couples.

As a Coordinator of the Continuing Professional Development in MHS, she initiated the implementation of a self-training system in systemic psychotherapy through organization of intensive seminars conducted by international trainers.

Between 1994 and 1998 she participated, as a local Course Coordinator and a student, in a four year part-time Course in Family Therapy organized by the Tavistock Clinic for the Cyprus Ministry of Health in Nicosia. Dr. Renos Papadopoulos and David Campbell, of the Tavistock Clinic, have been her trainers and supervisors.

2004 - 2009

In 2006 she was appointed Scientific Coordinator of the Individual and Family Psychotherapy Centre of the Cyprus Mental Health Services. She became increasingly involved in teaching and supervision to professionals and students. She was Clinical Supervisor for the Clinical Psychologists. She was also Clinical and Systemic Supervisor to other professionals, working teams and students.

Between 2004 and 2011 she held the position of Learning Coordinator for the professional training and development of all mental health specializations working in the MHS.

In 2009 she was appointed Practicum Coordinator for the Clinical Psychology trainees.

She has given a great number of lectures and presentations and conducted workshops in Local and International Conferences on topics related to clinical psychology and psychotherapy. She has a great amount of unpublished papers based on topics presented and taught during her 32-year professional practice within the Mental Health Services.

She was Associate Trainer in the M.Sc. Course in Systemic Therapy, organized in Cyprus by KCC Foundation in partnership with Bedfordshire University and the University of Nicosia, from February to December 2009.

2010 - 2011

From April 2010 to December 2011 she was the author and trainer of a course for professionals within the Mental Health Services which helped her develop the Brief Systemic Dialogical Therapy Model – BSDT. The specific approach was evaluated and presented during international scientific conferences through power- point and paper presentations and workshops. She has also published two articles based on the Brief Systemic Dialogical Therapy Model.

After her retirement from the Government Mental Health Services she was involved in the organization and teaching of short term intensive training programs for professionals and specializing students, based on the BSDT Model, in collaboration with the University of Nicosia.

She also offers training in local systemic psychotherapy institutes and clinical supervision to post-graduate and doctoral university students.

2012 - Today

Since her retirement from the public sector in December 2011 she works in the private sector as a private practitioner, trainer and supervisor. In October 2013 she created the Cyprus Brief Systemic Dialogical Therapy Institute (BSDT Institute) with the objective to continue developing and promoting her training courses.

She is currently dedicated to the further development of the BSDT model and the advancement of her training programs through the establishment of collaboration with International Institutes and internationally renowned authors and trainers in the field of Collaborative Dialogic Practices.

In 2016 she was awarded with the title of Professor and Supervisor in Collaborative-Dialogic Practices by the Houston Galveston Institute and the Taos Institute after completing the International Certificate in Collaborative-Dialogic Practices at the Kanankil Institute.

Her particular interest, at this stage, is the use of dialogue for dealing with a wide range of relational problems regarding individuals, couples, families, groups and broader social systems and organizations. Based on the philosophy of the BSDT model situated within the broad field of social constructionist approaches and systemic narrative therapy, she is focused on the ways in which collaborative conversations can be used to enhance people’s skills and possibilities for a more creative and effective management of their problems.

She is also interested in the study and use of Collaborative Dialogue in the field of political and social interventions.

Some References / Publications On BSDT

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  • Mousteri D. (2011): Official Report on the BSDT Training Program: Detailed description and Evaluation, Cyprus Mental Health Services, Nicosia (in Greek).

Olga Orati

BBA, MBA – Corporate. Administrator, BSDT Program Coordinator


Contact Information


Tel: 99 896096
Email: info@bsdt.com.cy

Olga Orati holds a four year BBA in Business Administration – General Business, and a two year MBA from the European University of Cyprus.

2006 - 2010

Throughout her studies she worked as a Student Consultant-Assistant at the University’s Student Center and as a result she was offered a full scholarship from 2006-2008.

In April 2010 she started working as a Corporate Administrator at LLPO Law Firm in Nicosia, her responsibilities included: Registration and Administration of Companies, liaising between clients and their Banks, Accountants and Auditors, preparation of documents and generally anything related to the administration of a company.

2012 - Today

In August 2012 she moved back to Limassol, her home town, where she continued working as a Corporate Administrator at the offices of Costas Tsirides & Co LLC until November 2017.

Today Olga has returned to Nicosia and, due to their excellent collaboration in 2010, to LLPO Law Firm.

In March 2016 she joined her first cycle of workshops in Brief Systemic Dialogical Therapy (BSDT), and her lifelong curiosity about how people relate to each other and human psychology found expression.

She was fascinated and inspired by both the BSDT model developed by Mrs Mousteri, and the way of sharing knowledge, philosophy and experiences with her trainees.

Since then a new journey has begun. Olga is not only a participant in all of the successive BSDT program cycles but she is also the new BSDT Program Coordinator.